A sound installation that invites visitors to find different ranges of pitch and timbres in the instrument that surrounds them. The sounds are generated synthetically but, as is the case with traditional acoustic instruments, the experience includes texture, space, color and movement.

Strings is context–specific. The piece is composed by space, material and sound, and completed by user interaction. This makes it malleable –it evolves with each iteration.

Project by Monica Bate, Johann Diedrick and Luisa Pereira Hors.

Iteration 4
Strings at Dumbo Arts Festival 2013



Iteration 3
Strings at Ventana244 Gallery, Winter 2013

Iteration 2
Strings at NIME 2012 Conference

Iteration 1
Strings at ITP Winter Show 2011


Iteration 0
Strings at Physical Computing ITP class, Fall 2011